Programme Highlights:

Medical Writing Workshop


Prof. Dr Stephanie Joachim (Germany)
Prof. Dr Ramin Khoramnia (Germany)
Dr Mayank Nanavaty (UK)
Dr Mor Dickman (Netherlands)
Ms Kristine Morrill (France)

Special Guests

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohnen
Mr Sathish Srinivasan

Workshop Description

To write a scientific publication requires a lot of intellectual planning as well as quite some effort and time. But scientific writing can be learned!

This intensive three-hour Medical Writing Workshop will help you to improve your writing skills. There are teachable rules and techniques that help to shorten this learning process and increase the likelihood for successful publication. This workshop will provide these skills. It will offer a theoretical overview as well as practical advice.

The workshop will cover what to prepare before you start writing a paper, as well as, how to present your data. In detail, the faculty will present the optimal strategies and typical mistakes when creating tables, graphics, or figures will be discussed. In addition, the do’s and don’ts on generating methodology, results, and discussion will be covered. In particular, there will be a special focus on development of the discussion section and the interpretation of the clinical results. We will also mention how Artificial Intelligence and digital tools affect paper writing today.

This workshop will include a section where real world examples of reviewer feedback, rejection letters and examples of submissions will be shared.

Attendees are encouraged to bring and share their abstracts and other writing work as practical exercises. This and discussion will consolidate your learning. The helpful tips and techniques provided from experts will enhance your knowledge on paper writing.


Participants should have completed a scientific (clinical) project including data analysis before attending this workshop. Participants should now be in the stage of preparing or completing their paper. They should also bring their laptops or tablet computer.


  1. Welcome, introductions and review of the workshop – Ms Kristine Morrill (France), Prof. Dr Stephanie Joachim (Germany)
  2. The key factors for success in getting peer review published – Prof. Dr Ramin Khoramnia (Germany)
  3. The do’s and don’ts of peer review writing and why stats matter – Dr Mayank Nanavaty (UK)
  4. Selecting the right journal and ensuring publication – Dr Mor Dickman (Netherlands)
  5. A view from the journal side – JCRS Editors share their experiences
  6. Real world examples – faculty and attendees share their work and exchange on key learnings
  7. Recap and close – Prof. Dr Stephanie Joachim (Germany)